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101 PeterHoppy PeterHoppy | E-mail | 10. srpna 2018 v 19:45 | Reagovat

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107 JamesEncal JamesEncal | E-mail | Web | 18. srpna 2018 v 16:22 | Reagovat

"If he gets clearance there, then he will be ready to go," Gruden said.
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108 Angelofound Angelofound | E-mail | 20. srpna 2018 v 1:20 | Reagovat


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129 JamesEncal JamesEncal | E-mail | Web | 5. října 2018 v 12:14 | Reagovat

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) 锟?Tony Romo walked off the field after the Dallas Cowboys finished their final minicamp practice without stopping to speak with reporters.
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